Monday, 5 July 2010

BREAKING DAWN by Stephenie Meyer

There is a contravention either the decision that Breaking Dawn will be separated in two movies is right or wrong. What I personally believe is that it was a really wise decision.

Recently I read this book and I can say that it was absolutely fantastic. I am looking forward for the movie or I should say better for the movies! It would be shame if it was produced in just one movie as lots of important elements wouldn't be mentioned and the story wouldn't make sense. What I want to say is that as I was reading this book, clearly it was separated in two sections the wedding -the honeymoon and the pregnancy, the birth of Renesmee -the fight with Volturi! So why it should be in one movie? Probably the fans of Twilight saga don't want to wait for two movies. Although if they have read the book I am sure they will understand and support that decision!!!!

To sum up, the only we have to do is to wait until Breaking Dawn be released as a movie and then we will decide weather the producers and the author were right or wrong.

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  1. Bravo Maria; both posts of yours are very interesting! :0)