Sunday, 10 October 2010


It's a sad fact of modern life that the number of single-parent families has augmented. Consequently, more and more children are deprived of one of their parents.this has created a great deal of problems, but with appropriate action solutions can be easily found.

No matter what the reasons are for having just one parent(for example, death, divorce, adoption) youngsters face the same problems. One major problem is the need of two role-models. In other words, youths not only want someone from the same sex to imitate his/her behavior but also the warmth and care of the opposite sex. What is more, it is true that the large number of working hours of parents result in the lack of communication and quality time between parents and children. This phenomenon is more intense in this kind of families. These teenagers are so vulnerable and unprotected in this age; for this reason, they require support,help at schoolwork and adequate supervision. Added to this, perhaps the great problem is the effects of that situation on their mental health. These may lead to depression, alienation, hatred as well as rebellion.

But despite these problems, there are also various ways to remedy this situation. In case of a parent working, for example, parents can demand flexible work timetable and be willing to cooperate with the younger generation regarding schoolwork. Additionally, it is vital that parents be supportive, understanding and communicative, also, trying to instill values to the child. This can be done by discussing and devoting time to sharing opinions and doing activities together everyday.

In short, with just few efforts many problems can be solved. Regardless the family state, children can be equally well raised as the ones of traditional families.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Tourism in greece!

The economy of Greece is mainly based on the tourist industry. Most tourists visit Greece in order to visit its sights, taste the traditional home-made food and enjoy the sunny idyllic beaches with the soft gold sand!

On the other hand in other places there are not significant sights or beaches, however, they find other ways to attract tourists. For instance in a village in Japan called Inakadate they came up with something really clever and creative. This village did not have any sight so almost two decades ago village's clerk received an order of his superior which said that he should find a way to attract visitors. The only important this village had was the rice paddies so they created images of manga and warriors as well words with hues of rice! In this way during the years more and more tourists were willing to visit this place!

I don't mean that Greeks ought to plant rice paddles or something similar what I want to say is that why don’t modern Greeks end up being inactive regarding the turnout of tourists. I believe that we should concentrate on our civilisation nowadays and on the development of modern Greece not only for tourists but also for ourselves and our children. I suggest we organise competitions for the construction of the best sand sculpture in one of our beautiful beaches or concerning the winter tourism beautiful sales can be built in the scenic mountains. Furthermore, we can develop the ecotourism as Greece’s fauna and flora is unique.

All in all, Greece can be the ideal place for holidays not only for its sun and sights but also for other reasons. We should act and don’t rest in the past!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Songs with useful phrases

These songs not olnly contain some awesome phrases but also they have extraordinary rythm!


Black Eyed Peas-Shut Up

Songs with useful phrases

Linkin Park- In the End.

It is a very good song with superb lyrics and an incredible music rythm.

Jay Sean-Do you remember?

Another appealing song with great lyrics and with a popular and talented singer.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sport a healthy way to spend your time and keep fit

A sport is defined as an organised, competitive ,and skillful physical activity requiring commitment. In a sport the key factors are the physical capabilities and skills of the competitor when determining the outcome.

Physical events such as scoring a goal or crossing a line first define the results of a sport.Although they do not always succeed, sports participants are expected to display good sportsmanship , standards of conduct such as being respectful of opponents and officials , and congratulating the winner when losing.

There are artifacts that suggest that the Chinese were first engaged in sporting activities.Gymnastics appears to have been a popular sport in China's ancient past.

A wide range of sports were already established by the time of Ancinet Greeks and the culture and development of sports in Greece influence one each other considerably.Sports became a prominent part of Greek culture.

As well as being a form of recreation for the participants, much sport is played in front of an audience. Most professional sport is played in a stadium or in a arena, goulf course or a reace track.Large television audiences are also attracted with broadcasters offering large amounts of money.The football World Cup and the Cricket Worl Cup are sporting events which attracts a global audience.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Getting into the spirit

Can you imagine children faces lighting up when they open their Christmas presents?Have you ever felt of an emotion of ginving a present or the spirit of Christmas?Christmas is a very common festival which everybody has unique experiences to share.

Lots of people believe that Christmas days are the happiest and the most lively days when everybody becomes warm and friendly.Everywhere there is a stunning atmosphere because of the birth of Jesus.Just imagine the unbelievable stories with the fat Santa Claus and the small creatures that help him make and transfer the hundreds of gifts to children's houses.I can clearly remember the picture of joyous bliss, when all the relatives are together the night before Christmas day in a lively house which is decked with colourful and huge balloons.

Do you think that there are countries which there do not have a festival like Christmas?If you think so you are wrong.Everywhere people celebrate in their own unique and enjoyable way this fascinating and global event ,whinch in my opinion make us more sensitive and it quarantee us to make close friends.Adults became children again because of Santa Claus and the excitement that everybody felt in front of the Christmas tree, and the sparkling of an illuminated city.No one can imagine Christmas without the memorable scene of small children around the Christmas tree, holding in their hands their presents and looking forward to opening them and seeing what's inside.

In my opinion Christmas is different from the past.It seems more to be an excuse for having fun or giving presents.Nowadays it is not a completely religious celebration,however it is a warm festival which makes people reflect on being more level-headed and sensitive to the needs of others.

Monday, 5 July 2010


These days, it seems that the number of adopted pets have increased. Meanwhile, the pets abandoned in the streets are increasing dramatically. So, I wonder, should we adopt pets?

For the adaption of a pet there are several advantages and drawbacks. First and foremost, pets can be a source of education for every age. They teach their owners how to be responsible and how to take care of an animal as well as that they help them to grow up and gain more experience. What is more, it is a fact that they are really useful in our social lives and they help us to keep fit. Pets are an opportunity for discussion with our friends as well meeting new people.

On the one hand they are so useful but on the other hand it might be a Little bit difficult to own a pet. When you walk in the street and see somebody shouting at their pet or showing indifference to their pet it is a really sad experience. Some pet owners are cruel and do not care about animals. Furthermore, eventually pets are not looked after properly as a result they become noisy and messy. They are living organisms and they have needs like the rest of us but some people don't understand. Last but not least, pets can be expensive not only to buy them but also to take care of them, besides it is essential to make sure that we have the right pet and the right environment to keep it in.

To sum up, it appears that if we want to keep a pet we should be well informed about it's needs and most importanly to be sure that we want it and we can look after it. Despite the difficulties, pets can be amazing friends.

BREAKING DAWN by Stephenie Meyer

There is a contravention either the decision that Breaking Dawn will be separated in two movies is right or wrong. What I personally believe is that it was a really wise decision.

Recently I read this book and I can say that it was absolutely fantastic. I am looking forward for the movie or I should say better for the movies! It would be shame if it was produced in just one movie as lots of important elements wouldn't be mentioned and the story wouldn't make sense. What I want to say is that as I was reading this book, clearly it was separated in two sections the wedding -the honeymoon and the pregnancy, the birth of Renesmee -the fight with Volturi! So why it should be in one movie? Probably the fans of Twilight saga don't want to wait for two movies. Although if they have read the book I am sure they will understand and support that decision!!!!

To sum up, the only we have to do is to wait until Breaking Dawn be released as a movie and then we will decide weather the producers and the author were right or wrong.