Monday, 2 August 2010

Tourism in greece!

The economy of Greece is mainly based on the tourist industry. Most tourists visit Greece in order to visit its sights, taste the traditional home-made food and enjoy the sunny idyllic beaches with the soft gold sand!

On the other hand in other places there are not significant sights or beaches, however, they find other ways to attract tourists. For instance in a village in Japan called Inakadate they came up with something really clever and creative. This village did not have any sight so almost two decades ago village's clerk received an order of his superior which said that he should find a way to attract visitors. The only important this village had was the rice paddies so they created images of manga and warriors as well words with hues of rice! In this way during the years more and more tourists were willing to visit this place!

I don't mean that Greeks ought to plant rice paddles or something similar what I want to say is that why don’t modern Greeks end up being inactive regarding the turnout of tourists. I believe that we should concentrate on our civilisation nowadays and on the development of modern Greece not only for tourists but also for ourselves and our children. I suggest we organise competitions for the construction of the best sand sculpture in one of our beautiful beaches or concerning the winter tourism beautiful sales can be built in the scenic mountains. Furthermore, we can develop the ecotourism as Greece’s fauna and flora is unique.

All in all, Greece can be the ideal place for holidays not only for its sun and sights but also for other reasons. We should act and don’t rest in the past!