Monday, 5 July 2010


These days, it seems that the number of adopted pets have increased. Meanwhile, the pets abandoned in the streets are increasing dramatically. So, I wonder, should we adopt pets?

For the adaption of a pet there are several advantages and drawbacks. First and foremost, pets can be a source of education for every age. They teach their owners how to be responsible and how to take care of an animal as well as that they help them to grow up and gain more experience. What is more, it is a fact that they are really useful in our social lives and they help us to keep fit. Pets are an opportunity for discussion with our friends as well meeting new people.

On the one hand they are so useful but on the other hand it might be a Little bit difficult to own a pet. When you walk in the street and see somebody shouting at their pet or showing indifference to their pet it is a really sad experience. Some pet owners are cruel and do not care about animals. Furthermore, eventually pets are not looked after properly as a result they become noisy and messy. They are living organisms and they have needs like the rest of us but some people don't understand. Last but not least, pets can be expensive not only to buy them but also to take care of them, besides it is essential to make sure that we have the right pet and the right environment to keep it in.

To sum up, it appears that if we want to keep a pet we should be well informed about it's needs and most importanly to be sure that we want it and we can look after it. Despite the difficulties, pets can be amazing friends.

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