Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Getting into the spirit

Can you imagine children faces lighting up when they open their Christmas presents?Have you ever felt of an emotion of ginving a present or the spirit of Christmas?Christmas is a very common festival which everybody has unique experiences to share.

Lots of people believe that Christmas days are the happiest and the most lively days when everybody becomes warm and friendly.Everywhere there is a stunning atmosphere because of the birth of Jesus.Just imagine the unbelievable stories with the fat Santa Claus and the small creatures that help him make and transfer the hundreds of gifts to children's houses.I can clearly remember the picture of joyous bliss, when all the relatives are together the night before Christmas day in a lively house which is decked with colourful and huge balloons.

Do you think that there are countries which there do not have a festival like Christmas?If you think so you are wrong.Everywhere people celebrate in their own unique and enjoyable way this fascinating and global event ,whinch in my opinion make us more sensitive and it quarantee us to make close friends.Adults became children again because of Santa Claus and the excitement that everybody felt in front of the Christmas tree, and the sparkling of an illuminated city.No one can imagine Christmas without the memorable scene of small children around the Christmas tree, holding in their hands their presents and looking forward to opening them and seeing what's inside.

In my opinion Christmas is different from the past.It seems more to be an excuse for having fun or giving presents.Nowadays it is not a completely religious celebration,however it is a warm festival which makes people reflect on being more level-headed and sensitive to the needs of others.

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