Saturday, 31 October 2009

Blogging challenge week 8

These are the blogs that I comment!!!


  1. Hi, I am a 7th grade girl living in The USA. Your blog caught my attention- students learning english. Because I speak english, I just thought it wold be interesting. So do you actually teach people how to speak english? What is it like in Greece? and, were you born in Greece, or did you move there? I would love to get back with you. You can check my blog out at: -hope to talk to you soon!!! :)

  2. Hi Anonymous!
    I am not actually a teacher but I am a 15th year old student from Heraklion Crete in Greece!I was born here but I would like to have relatives in other countries so I could visit then all the time and explore these countries!!Greece is an amazing country especially in the summer with friendly people and delicious food for every person!!I would definitely recommend you visit my country!!<3