Thursday, 22 October 2009

Blogging challenge week 7: What would be your fantasy holiday?

One country I would always like to visit is Rome, the capital of Italy.Rome is a city with fantastic history.Everywhere you go in this remarkable city, you’re surrounded by the past.Furthermore you are able to see the most popular sights like Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, Rome's largest and most famous fountain.

Another reason is that some of my friends who visited Rome last year told me that it is a lively cosmopolitan city and you never get bored there. As I have read on the Lonely Planet site:

Here the national preoccupation with the aesthetic fuses with incredible urban scenery to make Rome a city where you feel cool just strolling through the streets, catching the sunlight on your face outside a cafĂ©, or eating a long lunch. It’s a place that almost encourages you to take things easy. Don’t feel like going to a museum? What’s the need when it’s all outside on the streets?

What I am going to do when I am in this fantasy and wonderful city is to practise my English with the Italian people or why not help them to improve their English?I would also like to taste the Italian famous local dishes,go out to make new friends and have lots of fun.


  1. Great idea, fan10! Rome is indeed a vast museum with lots of amazing sights. I am sure that you will go on that trip some day and you will definitely love it!

  2. One of our third grade teachers took a trip to Rome last year, and we were all so jealous. She even used one of her photos as the heading for her blog ( She absolutely loved it and said there was so much to learn from that city. It is definitely an ideal fantasy vacation destination.

  3. Hello fan10!
    I too would love to visit Rome for the very reasons you have mentioned. I was also fortunate to make friends online with an oil painter from Rome who is very talented. He was kind enough to send me some photos of the city. When I remarked about his knowledge of English, he told me that Italians feel that since that is the only place in the world where their language is spoken, if they want to communicate with the world they must learn other languages. I am impressed that so many people of the world have learned English. I am embarrassed that I do not have a command of other languages, only some Spanish. This blogging challenge is wonderful for all of us to develop a global perspective.

  4. Rome would be an awesome vacation I hope you get a chance to go