Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Here are some useful words for juvenile crime:

  1. nip sth in the bud=stop sth as soon as it starts
  2. go off the rail=behave in a strange way not accepted by the society
  3. end up in custody=end up in prison
  4. delinquency=crime
  5. juvenile= youth
  6. to roam the streets=wander in the streets
  7. sanction=punishment
  8. attached=κολλημένη
  9. to face eviction=αντιμετωπίζουν έξωση
  10. face=deal with sth
  11. be held responsible for sth=θεωρούμαι υπεύθυνοs για κατι
  12. antisocial=αντικοινωνικόs


  1. The state has to nip the crime in the bud.
  2. Lots of children go off the rail and become young criminals.
  3. If you break the law possibly you will end up in custody.
  4. There is lots of juvenile delinquency in these days.
  5. Juvenile criminals most of the times are really antisocial.
  6. At night lots of gangs roam the streets.
  7. For young offenders there is a special sanction.
  8. She is always attached to her mother.
  9. The people that face eviction most of the times haven't got money.
  10. The parents have to face their children's problems.
  11. The parents are held responsible for their children.
  12. They have antisocial behaviour so they haven't got many friends.


  1. any example sentences maria??? :-)

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  3. Well done Maria but I can say that I found a spelling mistake in example 3 and there is a preposition missing in example 8. I am sure you know how to correct these sentences.