Saturday, 11 July 2009

Iraklio O.A.A The best basketball team in Crete

Iraklio O.A.A
is really good team.It has lots of good players and a fantastic coach Manos Sifomixelakis.The basketball players are:Riakiotakis Vaggelis(the captain of the team),Paterakis Manos,Xarwnitakis Giannis,Mourelos Iasonas,Barelier Kostas,Liandrakis Leuteris,Lyrintakis Fanouris,Malliotakis Stavros,Kalantzis Markos,Stratakis Zaxarias and Orfanakis Stellios.

This exciting team won the championship in 2009.In the final Iraklio played against Agor and it beat Agor 54-49.Will Iraklio win the championship again in 2010?Why not?

Iraklio O.A.A was,is and it is going to be a family forever!The players have a very goood relationship between them and every player cares about the other.The coach of the team behaves like a father and he always give useful and important advice to the players.

I am a part of this team and I feel really pleased and grateful for this.I believe that we will win the championship again,and I am really looking forward to thιs.


  1. Impressive photos and video!

  2. Amazing photos!But swimming is the best sport!!!!

  3. I coach a small team in Scotland and my son plays in the team. We are hoping to be in Crete for a holiday in July (2010)will we be able to watch a game or is this your holiday time? We love basketball and it's always good to see how other people play the game

  4. I am sorry that I didn't answer you for such a long time.Of course you can come and see a basketball match here in Crete and you are going to be impressed by the basketball players in Crete.You can comment again if you want any further information and I will be glad to inform you...