Friday, 10 July 2009



sentence+intro(setting,introduce main characters)

Par.2: main events

Par.3: more events

the ending

If you want to read a story, for young children visit this page.

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  1. Here are the tips you asked for:

    a) The steps towards writing a story:

    1) Think carefully about the title.
    2) Plan your story by writing down notes.
    3) Write the first draft of the story using your notes.
    3) Write the final draft of the story.
    4) When you have finished, check/ edit your story by reading it and making corrections (in spelling, grammar, syntax) or additions.

    b) Use these linking words to join your ideas and make the story flow:

    Suddenly (all of a sudden), although (though, even if), after a while (some time later), to my surprise/ horror, fortunately (luckily), a few seconds/ hours later, then (next, after that), at first, soon, immediately (at once), finally (in the end/eventually)

    c) Use mostly the Past Simple, the Past Continuous and the Past Perfect.