Monday, 24 August 2009


My favourite book is ''Garden Spells'' written by Sarah Addison Allen. It is about a woman called Claire who was living alone. She was making her living by cooking foods with herbals which was making her food really delicious from her beautiful garden. Unfortunately there there was an apple tree which was having the habit to throw its apples in the pedestrians. If somebody eat an apple, he will see his future, although sometimes that was death.

The come back of her sister, who had lots of troubles with her x-husband, after ten years, the meeting with her little niece and the her meeting with her new charming neighbour changed Clair's lonely life. She realised that it was time to change and let her emotions free.

This book showed me that things can change from the one day to the other. Furthermore we have to believe in ourselves and enjoy every second of our life. I would definitely recommend everyone to read this book. It's really amusing and it's the best choice for everyone who loves romance.

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