Thursday, 27 August 2009


The latest fires taught me that nothing is permanent!but was it necessary to burn our country to realise that? Especially because the fires were caused by arsonists. I can't understand these people. They light fires and they burn plants that are endanger of disappearing for what reason ?For pleasure or because they are crazy?? We try to reduce the amount of rubbish that we produce and try to use alternative sources of energy but when we burn the forests we reduce the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. It is really sad to think of all these but it hasn't got only disadvantages this situation helped us. In the future fires we'll be more prepared!


  1. I'll have to agree with you, Mary, this situation is outraging!

  2. Maria,
    We also have lots of fires in Australia where I love, but much of the undergrowth is what causes the fires to keep going, also the oil in the gum leaves which fly through the air causing spot fires.

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    Miss W.

  3. Thank you Miss W. for the suggestion to adjust the comment settings, the two students agreed and did it. They have both been very busy lately, as they are soon to sit for B2 level exams. However,they are now preparing new posts fit to the blogging challenge, so stay tuned! What is more, we will all take the time to examine your blog and the suggested links more carefully.

    Best wishes,
    Christina Markoulaki

  4. Hello!!
    well yes, I agree with you m@ri@!...the fact that so many forests are destroyed every year comes to be pathetic!it's like we haven't had enough already facing global warming or water pollution...we have to face up to arsonists too!brilliant!!...Nice article:)
    ~princess-PRO~not yet queen;)

  5. hello everyone!!

    @princess:It's a pity our forests are houses of animals in danger of disappearing as we destroy their houses. If somebody burns our houses we are angry and we blame everyone and everything! About the arsonists if I start I have to write for a life or more!!!!

    @tasteach: Thanks for the information about austrelia I would like to visit your country one day! You have to admit that most of the fires are caused by arsonists.