Wednesday, 12 August 2009

'The house next to the river' by Lena Manta.

One of my favourite books is 'The house next to the river' by the famous Greek writer Lena Manta.The book is really good and has lots of different characters.It talks about a family with five daughters.Their house is next to the river in an isolated place so the daughters as they grow up they decide to leave and live in a another place.My favourite character is their mum because she is a friendly and honest person that can predict hers daughters future life.

The whole book describes the life of the daughters in different countries lots of kilometres away their home.They all want to leave their home because they believe that they are going to have a better life.Unfortunately that was wrong.The life of them was unexpected bad and they get depressed every day.So they decide to come back to the house next to the river and live again with their lovely mum.The scene that they return home is further the best scene in this book.

Although I realise that they are going to return to their home, the book change my original expectations.I believe that they will have a good life and make their own family.But the writer get me completely wrong....that's why I really like this book and I was interested in it from the first day I read it.Finally, I want to say that my feelings when I finished this book was confusing.I felt happy because they meet again after a lot of years,but also sad and disappointed because they make a lot of mistakes in theirs life,and they realise it after a long period of time.


  1. 12/8/09 gia na mn leme oti dn to ekana...aaaaa wra 16:00.............................:p:P

  2. Bravo Fanouri, I have to admit that you were really quick this time!

    Although your post is well organized and very descriptive, you need to be careful mainly with possessive adjectives (theirs life? hers daughters?), adverbs (unexpected bad?) and verb tenses (I believed they would have...).

    I love the way you describe the story and your feelings, I look forward to your new posts!

  3. If you haven't read this book you have missed out on the adventure of a lifetime. It is beautifully written and with every page you are living the experience with the characters. You empathise with the characters and at the final stage you realise the importance of family and home. Enough said! Go and get it.